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About us
The foundation is a non-governmental, non-sectarian, non-stock, non-profit organization organized on March 28, 2002 and registered with the Philippine Securities and  Exchange Commission on September 11, 2002.  The foundation is composed of Marcelo H. Del Pilar High School Batch 1975 alumni.
As an alumni-based organization, our primary goal is to empower the youth through vocational and technical education. Promote educational, social and economic growth through education in the rural areas. Assist high school youth through post-secondary educational enhancement to attain sufficiency and better employment chances locally and overseas. Provide awards and incentives to bright and deserving high school students through educational grants and scholarship programs.
Youth empowerment through education.
Permanent youth center facilities for continued access to vocational and technical skills.
Dynamic, healthy  and prosperous rural communities.
Identify and provide resources for the acquisition of basic secondary education.
Provide post-secondary skills training and vocational enhancement programs to indigent youth.
Organize, expand and manage support mechanisms for sustainable livelihood.
Assist and participate in poverty-alleviation programs of the government.
Directors and Executive Officers